Jeff the Killer (School Project, the ORIGINAL)

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Explanation video: ***********/watch?v=5xGGxoVqwvo Facebook: *******www.facebook****/KliiesenDaJ...
Explanation video: ***********/watch?v=5xGGxoVqwvo Facebook: *******www.facebook****/KliiesenDaJohanpok Ask Jeff: ******* ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ UAH, I have barely left my room on 3 days because of this, and yet it doesn't look good at all. It's a project for art class in school, we were suppose to make masks and then tell/theater a backstory for the mask/character, so I was lazy and picked a character that already had an background, but hey, I still worked my ass off on it! And yes, I made Liu a blondy, what about it? Song:"woodentoaster & H8_ seed- Awoken" "Program used": Paint tool SAI and sony vegas pro 8. "Grade": I got an A, the teacher was amazed, so was the class. "SCHOOL project?": It was a school project, yes. We were suppose to bring up dark/sad/depressive sides, so why not Jeffrey? "HE CAN'T FROWN/BLINK!": I made it as a cartoon, everything's possible. "Why did you make Liu blond? Looks like dave strider": I made him the way I viewd him, alright? Also, I really dislikes homestuck, so don't bring that shit up. "Are you a Brony?!": No. "I wanna be just like Jeff! Like cut my throat and kill people!": You're just disgusting.