NBA 2K12 CAL - Online Leagues With Trey Part 1

By: Chris Smoove


Uploaded on August 01, 2012 by Chris Smoove Powered by YouTube

This is part 1 of my dual commentary with Trey. Link to his channel is below! Don't forget to watch that championship clinching half court shot! In part 1 we discussed flex schedule and admins not having admin power in online leagues. In game 2 with McGee I wasn't really playing like a center. I didn't get that many rebounds and I was pulling crossover moves every once and a while. It's funny that McGee has such a deadly behind the back dribble! I missed a lot of freethrows in the game so that's where my skill points went. 1:05 McGee isoing like a point guard 1:40 McGee can slash 2:31 1st lob 4:10 Tried running the break 4:40 McGee cherry picking! 5:20 Another lob 6:29 No look lob to McGee! 7:37 I'm on fire 9:38 Stats 9:57 Attributes
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