Dante and Lulu 5/6/2010 Scenes [18+]

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Dante and Lulu wake up in bed together.He is stroking her hair & face.He tells her good morning.She says its morning already?She smiles and they kiss.Lulu & Dante eating pasta in bed.She says it's the best ever.Dante says left over pasta is the perfect breakfast ever.She says did they actually do it?Dante says mhm.And they did it some more,and some more after that.Lulu says don't brag.He says he feels accomplished.She says is it wrong to be this happy?He says nope.She thinks its like tempting fate.Dante says no,it's destiny.They go under the covers for some more lovin.Dante & Lulu are on his couch.He asks her plans for the day.She doesn't know.She would like to stay there,thanks to the bed.He says he can be persuaded.She says is that a challenge?They kiss.Lulu is in his shirt from last night.Maxie calls.Lulu laughs at the call and ignores it.Says there is bad cell reception in his place.He says same thing with his phone.She says the courts could be calling.He says not for a few more hours.Their song instrumentals are playing.He asks if she has any requests.She tells Dante she has this fantasy of them soaking each other up in the shower.He says he is sold.They run to the shower,and Dante stops to pick her up.They go there laughing.Dante & Lulu are laughing.They come out in towels kissing,and she pushes him on the bed,and saddles up next to him.He kisses her & says she is blown away by all of this.She says he never thought they'd make love?He says its being in love.He never imagined it.Being in love with her is brand new,and off the charts.He says the sex is phenomenal,but he is talking about something deeper,like in there.Lulu says same with her.She was a girl with closed emotions.She thought love was a con,and she wouldn't be a make.She says then he came around,and she is a goner.He says she likes?She says its a dirty job.They get on top of each other and make out,then hear the elevator.Lulu says she thought he shut that thing off.He say he thought so too,but he didn't know.It's Lucky.He apologizes.Lulu says he isn't as sorry as them.He says Maxie called,its urgent.Lulu says she bets,and runs off.Lucky says that's his sister in there.Dante says doesn't he know it.Lucky says to take care of her.Dante says he will,the best.Lucky chuckles and leaves.Michael says Dante is still walking around?Dante says so far.He is hoping on keeping it that way.Michael says Jason is protective.Dante says he is keeping his options open,but wanted to check on him first.Michael says good.He hopes to get out soon.He wants to know if Michael has any questions about the hearing.Michael says no.Michael says isn't his job over yet?Didn't he his duty?Michael says as a cop,yeah,but as his brother,his responsibilities are now starting up.Maxie says its about time.Kate is on the warpath.Lulu says that can wait,they have a problem.Lulu says she ratted her out to Jason.Maxie says she didn't.Maxie says it was that good?Lulu says what?She says the sex.Lulu glowing right now.She says her anger can wait.How good was Dante in bed?Lulu smiles.Dante arrives home,and Sonny is there.Sonny says he should get a more secure place to live.Anyone can bust in there.He says does he still think he is under his protection,after what he did to his brother?Lulu says oh man.It was worth it.She's a geek right now.It was amazing.Maxie says it was worth the wait then.She says that this goes back on Maxie now.If she was sold on her righteousness,why run off to Milan?Maxie says she wanted to avoid this.She says she is loyal to Spinelli first.She says Lulu can't afford to lose friends right now.She needs to enjoy her time with Dante as long as it lasts.Dante says was that an offer or threat?He is happy of how things went with Michael,cause he can make something for himself.Sonny says thanks to him,Michael will be labeled a killer now.Dante says not thanks to him,Michael killed somebody.Now,the courts can help him.Sonny gets a call.Says Judge Carroll must have his verdict already.

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