Best Lift and Carry - Part 3

By: MrCrazyCarries


Uploaded on November 18, 2009 by MrCrazyCarries Powered by YouTube

Tall girl lift short girl. In the end you can see the height difference when she puts her down. Would love to see these two girls have wrestling match. Duration of the lift is more than 1 minute. Thats outstanding and thats some power to hold someone for so long. Lift and carry is a good fetish and fantasy to have.Its quite strange to understand that how females are able to lift and carry their partners with such ease.Sometime it becomes so difficult for men also to lift other people but some women does it with so much ease. Thats what is called woman power. Some ladies are strong genitically. They get in their genes through their parents. To some people it may look bad sad and depressing to see lift and carry but for me it is quite satisfying and fulfilling and my hobby. Sometimes it becomes comedy and funny if not performed properly.
Height of the lifter is 5'8 and liftee is 5'2. Bigger girl lifting smaller girl fans must love this video.

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