Man Jumps Into Tiger Den at Bronx Zoo

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A 25-year-old man who jumped from a monorail train into a tiger den at the Bronx Zoo is in stable condition after being mauled by a 400-pound tiger. A hospital spokeswoman says the family of David Villalobos asks that no other information be provided. Villalobos jumped out of the Bronx Zoo's monorail into the tiger exhibit Friday afternoon, where he was mauled by a Siberian tiger before zoo employees rescued him by using fire extinguishers to distract the big cat, zoo officials said. The tiger named Bachuta could have killed Villalobos in an instant but fast-acting zoo workers were able to rescue him after he had been in the enclosure for about 10 minutes, Bronx Zoo Director Jim Breheny said. "Tigers are extremely capable predators: They typically grab a prey animal by the back of the neck and it's over very quickly," Breheny said. "This cat did not do this to the individual." Authorities identified the jumper as David Villalobos. Villalobos, who is from Mahopac, suffered "various bites or puncture wounds on his arms and legs and also the top of his shoulder on his back," Breheny said. He also suffered a broken arm and ankle, perhaps from the 17-foot drop off the monorail.
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