Nightcore - It's My Life

By: sango213


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Disclaimer: I own none of these pictures, nor do I the original song. I did however make this remix/edit-thingy. I'm going to call it Nightcore, because that's popular, and I basically did that (to an extent).
Ok you guys, tell me what you think of it. Even negative comments like "You suck, you should never do this again." is happily accepted if you give some constructive feedback. I had my friends check it before I put it on YouTube, but, they are my friends, they might be biased.
I got the idea to make a "Nightcore'd" song when I was...well...listening to all the "Nightcore'd" songs on YouTube. I simply wanted to do something I hadn't heard before, and thus, Bon Jovi came into the picture.
I like to keep my edits fairly subtle, so that the song is still recognizable, should I not do that? Tell me in the comments below.
And so, after finishing off Path of Exile (waiting for act 3 to be finished), and playing a game of LoL, I started making the song. After getting it checked out by friends (ensuring quality), I started looking for the images.
If anyone wants to know (and a lot do on the Nightcore stuff I watched), all the images came from Google search (images). I put "anime -" before each search topic, and searched words that came up in the song. Then I eventually started just looking at "anime - wallpaper" because it was so cool.
Btw, I learned how to manipulate the timings on the effects (really neat).

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