1980-02-10 Larry Holmes Vs Muhammad Ali 2-5

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Round 1- Holmes comes out fast popping the jab. Ali not throwing any punches yet, just showing good defense. Ali lands a soft right. Holmes getting down to buisness and landing many more punches.
Holmes Round- 10-9

Round 2- Holmes controlling with the jab. Ali still not throwing many punches, but he is slipping effectivly. Both fighters are measuring each other, Ali not busy enough to win any rounds this way. Holmes Round- 10-9 (20-18) Holmes

Round 3- Holmes still coming in with that nice quick jab. Ali just not busy at all. Holmes with a nice right. Holmes landing the right flush now, Ali is taunting Holmes but not alnding anything.
Holmes Round- 10-9 (30-27) Holmes

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