Kids Sing & Rap: Hip Hop Gospel - Fresh 2 Death,

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Dante (age 8) & Dusan (age 6) of perform their song, Fresh 2 Death at Alerderman Walter Burnett's Back to School Fair!

The boys first performed this when they were the opening act for Trey Songz, Songz4Peace Concert. We thought we'd post this one considering it's a different environment, outdoors, and a bit of time had elapsed between performances, and we wanted to share their progression. :)

You've probably seen the boys dancing quite a bit... you've probably even taken the time to see them modeling or even acting in their videos... so if you didn't know, now comes yet another talent... singing & rapping. LOL

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We feel blessed that God has given the boys so many gifts, and we're having loads of fun exploring them, as well as doing whatever we can as parents, to help guide and further enhance these talents. :) So feel free to let us know your thoughts regarding their singing and rapping performance, as well as any tips on how they can improve their song performance. :) If you know of any talented music producers, songwriters, recording studio owners, vocal coaches and such, by all means please let us know. Thanks!

SPECIAL THANKS to Ms. Mary Datcher for inviting the boys to perform.


So if you haven't already, to see more clips featuring Dante & Dusan, check out their YouTube channel: OR

Also, by all means, feel free to SUBSCRIBE to their YouTube Channel, and as they're booked for more projects, upload more, new videos, you'll be one of the first to see their latest work. :-)

Enjoy and be sure to visit their website, to see a clip of them on the big O show with Jay Leno, and join their growing fanbase.

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