30 Super Street Fighter IV 2nd Ultras - Updated Version.

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As requested by a few people, I've done an update to include more ultras. And I've tried to swap in a few b...
As requested by a few people, I've done an update to include more ultras. And I've tried to swap in a few better quality ones. Update: T. Hawks second ultra now available from link at the start/end of the video. I don't think any videos of Gens new ultras have been recorded. Ultras are in the following order; Chun li - Kikosho (Recorded by Eric, Uploaded by BoysskaterR) Akuma - Demon Armageddon (from Gamespot) Cody - Last Dread Dust ** Abel - Breathless † Sagat - Tiger Cannon † Guy - Bushin Musou Renge † Blanka - Shout of the Earth (ground) † Blanka - Shout of the Earth (air) † Rufus - Big Bang Typhoon † Gouken - Denjin Hadouken † Balrog - Dirty Bull † E Honda - Orochi Breaker (Recorded from UStream) Cammy - CQC (From official Japanese SFIV site) C. Viper - Burning Dance (From official Japanese SFIV site) Juri - Feng Shui Engine (custom combo ultra) ** Guile - Sonic Hurricane* Seth - Typhoon* Dan - Haoh Gadoken* Sakura - Shin Hadouken (this can be angled horizontally or as an anti air)* M Bison - Psycho Punisher (Uploaded by Slash5150) Vega - Splendid Claw (Uploaded by saintconnor) Adon - Jaguar Avalanche (Doesn't fully connect)* Rose - Soul Satellite (orbs shield rose and cause damage) (Uploaded by saintconnor) Dee Jay - Climax Beat (Recorded from UStream) Ken - Guren Senpukyaku ** Dhalsim - Yoga Shangri La ** Zangief - Siberian Blizzard ** El Fuerte - Ultra Spark ** Fei Long - Gekirinken ** Ryu - Metsu Shoryuken ** * Shot by TongariDan and uploaded by WickedElement † Uploaded by Sakkywakky ** From Gametrailers I've just compiled this video from videos around the net. All credit goes to the original uploaders, the players who attended the playtest and recorded these videos for the community. If you see something you've filmed here or you know who deserves credit for specific clips, just shout me and I'll add their names above. If you want your clip removed for any reason let me know. Audio is "Like a Dog Chasing Cars" from The Dark Knight OST. I decided to remove game audio on all videos, since it wasn't working properly on around 50% of them. *******www.paulietheboss**** *******www.twitter****/paulietheboss