Xiaolin Showdown-Liar

By: vendettadrake


Uploaded on January 25, 2006 by vendettadrake Powered by YouTube

My Xiaolin Showdown Fan Video. Hope everyone likes it. Just so you understand the concept of my video, it's mostly about the episode Saving Omi. In the video Omi is having random flashbacks while they're trying to save him. *note* (As you my all know I had tried many times before to make XS WTF 3 but the computer crashed everytime I tried and deleted everything. I was laid off last year and I have yet to find a job in this crappy economy so I have no money... I want to continue my videos but our desktop computer no longer works. I want to get a laptop to continue my work but I'll need some help. I am collecting donations from anyone who would like to help me get a laptop so I can continue my videos. I will give you a little something in return for your donations. You can ask for a drawing a la VD, a little toy, drawing pencils or a little sketchbook (thats all I can afford) and the one who donates the most will get to request a special video dedicated to them and their generosity. Thank you all ^-^ )
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