Lego Figures on Crack 2 (Stick Figures on Crack Parody)

By: LegoLandVideos


Uploaded on October 24, 2007 by LegoLandVideos Powered by YouTube

Lego Figures on Crack 2?! Yaaay the final installment of LegoLandVideos' Lego Figures on Crack. We had two goals in this video. 1. Make it longer. 2. Make it funnier. We defiently made it longer (2X Longer) Hopefully you guys like it better than Lego Figures on Crack 1!! And it's our first video with voices in it! People have been asking over and over again what the songs are in this. Instead of answering everytime, here are the songs: 0:12 (And Others) El Mudo - Chacarron 0:20 Disturbed ...

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