(Ep. 04) Ask the Sonic Heroes! - Team Dark

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Published 1 Aug 2010
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Kn: Welcome to the fourth episode of "Ask the Soni...
Kn: Welcome to the fourth episode of "Ask the Sonic Heroes"! For this segment, Amy Rose is interviewing Team Dark (Shadow, Rouge, and E-123 OMEGA).

Please enjoy this video! If you'd like to ask questions for the series, please ask them HERE:

If you ask anywhere else, the chances are we'll end up missing your question. So please make sure you ask in the right place! :D

This is an ongoing series, so there will be more sessions in the future. :3 Only problem is that we get a lot of questions and we can only answer about ten questions per show, so please be patient and be a good sport if your question doesn't get answered. Rock on, you guys~!

Anyone who complains or gets angry about not having their questions answered, or tries to guilt-trip me, pester me, or try to force me to rig the random-question-selection so that I'll ask THEIR question instead of anyone else's? Please don't do that. This time around, I'm just not going to talk to you. xD Last time was outrageously immature, though everyone apologized after the fact. I'm too busy editing videos to deal with people who are throwing a fit. Please just be a good sport, okay? ^_~

Amy Rose - SonicSong182's Ames

Shadow the Hedgehog - SuperVintendo64
Rouge the Bat - SonicSong182's Kn
E-123 OMEGA - PlatinumSpeed

All artwork in the video was drawn by Kn of SonicSong182, including the main artwork as well as those charmingly hideous crayon drawings. xD
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