PhoneCam Magic #6 - Taxi! EXPOSED

By: virtualmagician


Uploaded on October 01, 2006 by virtualmagician Powered by YouTube

So here is how the taxi trick works. If you have not seen it watch it first because this is definitely a spoiler. The setup:

1 Nokia N73 camera phone
1 small home made tripod
1 flashlight
1 black Marco Tempest t-shirt (to cover the camera lens)
2 helpers (yes it's the umbrella girl)
1 friendly New York City cab driver

...and of course: a youtube account to upload your video.

Only in New York: I learned that the cab driver I randomly stopped is also the president and founder of a non-for-profit organization helping to reduce worldwide poverty. How cool is that! Here is his website:

Thanks for watching. The next phonecam puzzle will be released later this week. Please subscribe to my channel to get private viewing invitations.

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