The Beautiful, Hot/sexy Gorgeous Haifa Wehbe :) (Madalay)

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Just another tribute for the beautiful Haifa Wehbe So I am really annoyed by the ignorant comments on Pash...
Just another tribute for the beautiful Haifa Wehbe So I am really annoyed by the ignorant comments on Pashtana 06's Haifa vs Aish video. Although the comments amuse the hell out of me, everything comes out from their ass. You guys should realize that their is someone more beautiful than you're overrated-actress-who-is-only-famous-for -her-light-eyes-and skin. MMkay? Haifa Wehbe is a singer from Lebanon. Haifa Wehbe started her career in the year 2003 with the hit album "Howa El Zaman". The songs included smash hit's such as Wahde, Agoul Ahwak and Ma Sar which was made into theree videos. The album had a total of 10 tracks. Haifa's next album was released in 2005 and gained excessive amount of attention due to the her hit song Ana Haifa. The album had 14 songs. Songs that were made into videos are Ana Haifa, Tigi Ezzay, Ya Hayat Alby, Ragab and Baddi Eish. Haifa Wehbe grew up in a farm/town in southern Lebanon in the city of Mahroumeh. Haifa won miss southern Lebanon at the age of 16. Haifa Wehbe is also a fashion model and acts. Not only being a successful singer, she has her own perfume line and jewelery line. Haifa Wehbe rocked the Arab world with her own unique style. Not only was she bold enough to flaunt her body, but she she also crossed the line as to what a typical Arab women should be. Haifa pushed it to the very end and nothing can stop her. Haifa Wehbe gained huge amount of fame in only three years! Her next album is entitled "Habiby Ana." Haifa's nicknames are 'Amar Rotana', 'Marilyn Monroe of Lebanon' and a few others. Haifa Wehbe has gained international fame largely due to her beauty. Haifa Wehbe-"The Sexiest Woman in the Middle East" by Lounge Magazine, "The Best Arabic Young Female Singer" by Al Jamhouria Newspaper, "49th Most Beautiful Woman in the World'' by's Top 99 Most Beautiful Women in the World (2006), ''One of 50 Most Beautiful People'' by People Magazine's Most Beauiful People List (2006), and nominated "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Middle East'' by Reuter. Sherine Abdel Wahab, a very famous singer stated Haifa's new album is the album she liked the most in 2007(Laha Magazine). On El Jaras TV, Nishan said Haifa was his favorite and loved her so much. Tony Khalifa(the guy who made Haifa cry and humiliated her after) said that he was impressed by how far shes gotten and how maybe after all the press was going a little too far with the trash talking and she handled it all well. Kamal El Shenawe is a big actor and said that Haifa and other singers have potential to act, especially Haifa Wehbe because she has a lot of good characteristics. Haifa was voted best singer for 2007. Egyptian Abdel Iman said he loved Haifa's last vide clip and she is the most beautiful women in the world. Winasa music TV channel ,in the survey it had run for New Years, has chosen the Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbeh to be the woman who owns the most beautiful smile and the most elegant performer in the Arab world. Haifa Wehbe's was also nominated most sexiest women in the Middle East at m/arabsexiestwomanalive/ and is currently in the lead. Haifa Wehbe is one of the biggest influence as many singers copy her style or want to be her such as Dana Halabi, Dominique Houarny, Amar and Bassima Haifa speaks French, Arabic and English. Haifa has been with internation stars, posing with them and what not. She also starred a Pepsi Commerical and took pictures with Terry Henrey Haifa is signed with Pepsi. Haifa is not known internationally. And their is no proof she got surgery. Their is so much more information. PLEASE check out for more lists of Haifa Wehbe being "this" and "that." Haifa Wehbe's age is unknown. She is either in her early or middle thirties. All info comes from and extensive reasearch. Haifa is also invited to cannes every year