BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger - The Story Begins [18+]

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This is the...well, I can't call it an opening sequence, as BlazBlue already had a fully-animated FMV beforehand. I guess we could call this the beginning of the Story Mode, one cutscene before everything begins and Kagutsuchi and its inhabitants all go to hell. It would've been nice to see this one animated too, but I guess Arc System Works couldn't afford it or chose not to pay for the animation for whatever reason. As a result, it feels much like a radio show. (Did you know radio shows are still popular in Japan?)Argh, this tell-don't-show approach annoys me so much. It goes against everything that I've been taught in my film classes.Anyway, this cutscene is set in a control room of some sort. It's December 25th, 2194. The bridge bunnies detect very high seithr levels coming from directly overhead, and in a flash of light, everything has been annihilated, leaving one girl standing among the rubble with a blank but shocked expression on her face.You probably demand an explanation on what just happened. So I'll give you one. Plot points later on explain the complete story of what happened here:SPOILERS, OF COURSE###This control room is Ikaruga's cauldron. You may remember Ikaruga from Bang's "Teach Me Ms. Litchi" segment; this is his hometown and the First Hierarchical City (which I presume means the world capital). Cauldrons are set inside each of the Hierarchical Cities and are space-time anomalies where scientists create what I call the Greek-letter-number robots. You've seen one already: v-13, which is the one housed in Kagutsuchi.The intense seithr coming from directly overhead is the fault of Take-Mikazuchi, a Nox Nyctores weapon floating as a satellite in space, positioning itself over the Ikaruga cauldron. It blasted a gigantic beam down at the city from space, which is why we have these hgue seithr numbers coming from overhead. Within moments, the beam reaches Ikaruga, reducing it to mere rubble. This is the "explosion" Bang mentioned in "Teach Me Ms. Litchi," and where Bang's story begins. Once we get to his part of the story. Bang survives because he happened to be far enough away as to not be hurt from it and spends the rest of his time there gathering survivors.The girl among the rubble is μ-12 (hence the mention of "Subject 12" in the cauldron), the Greek-letter-number robot housed in Ikaruga. She's better known as Noel Vermillion, though in Continuum Shift you get to play as both forms of her. Because she was released from her cauldron prematurely, her programming is incomplete, housing no memories. She becomes adopted by humans in Kagutsuchi and lives life as a human, never knowing she was artificially created. Around her feet in this cutscene are broken pieces of a duplicate Azure Grimoire, which is why she uses a differet Nox Nyctores than v-13. On her chest is the emblem of v-13 and presumably all other Greek-letter-number robots. (A hint that this is Noel is given in that the Ikaruga explosion happened on Christmas Day. Anime and manga writers LOVE giving birthdays that relate to the characters somehow.)This occurs a little under four years before Ragna the Bloodedge makes his way to Kagutsuchi and kicks off the conflict that the story is really about. Naturally, the first playthrough of the story mode I'll show to you guys is that of Ragna.

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