Melodic Trance Music

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A Arrangement of Melodic Trance tracks and sad melodies. songs are found here: *******motivemotion.bandcamp...
A Arrangement of Melodic Trance tracks and sad melodies. songs are found here: *******motivemotion.bandcamp****/ Track List: 0.00 Stay by Motive Motion link *******motivemotion.bandcamp****/track/stay-extended-version 3.15 Everlasting by Vyprosyn 6.00 Narcolepsy by Vyprosyn 7.40 Journey into my Mind by Vyprosyn 9.09 Airwave Vyprosyn RMX Songs came from ACIDplanet**** *******www.acidplanet****/artist.asp?songs=216846&T=7807 As to getting all the comments about Trance vs Techno. 1. Techno music is not produced anymore. If it is. It is so buried underground that you have to search the internet for hours to get some new yet old techno music or find some artist that does produce it. 2. Trance music is subgenre of Techno music. Its linked by the same elements but IT IS CHANGEING EVERYDAY. Therefore the trance music that is widely know with Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, ect is referred to as Trance music, Uplifting trance. 3. Techno is a word that was to describe Electronic music back in the 80's. It also is referred to in Detroit mostly as High-Tek Soul music. 4. People do get upset when many people refer to trance and dance music as "Techno" or "Rave" simply because thats not the style of music it is. We dont call The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, Job for a Cow boy Rock and roll, do we? It is Metal style music and Screamo depending on the vocals sung and the over all drum patters and guitar riffs. I hope that sums it up. Its not all that hard to figure out. Just that this music has background, it wasn't just someone who decided to all the sudden make computer generated noises. It developed and is still developing.