Hotpoint Washer Tears Itself Apart - Original Washer Destruction

By: Aussie50


Uploaded on October 01, 2011 by Aussie50 Powered by YouTube

For those who don't give a shit about football, watch this on the big screen instead :D

Don't try this at home! - Motor Direct powered with a Yamabishi 10A Variac at 300V max. amp meter barely hit 6 amps at max load!

Concrete counterweights and good spare parts were removed from this before doing this test :D

Kudos to Photonicinduction for inspiring/encouraging me to perfect the washing machine kill cycle!

and if you have any doubts about what went in around the 3:40 mark, it was a motor from a similar machine, not a cat or dog like some idiots are claiming!.... sicko's!

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