Global Karma Removal Day Meditation on June 1, 2008

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Jacqui Johnson; Goddess of Divinity, Inc., and Humanity Healing invite you to share your world service gifts of Light and Love in honor of Global Karma Removal Day, June 1. 2008. We will be meditating, chanting, and praying. We are blessed and honored to welcome Cathy Blair, a vibrational sound and water grid Master. She will be playing her golden liquid love light infused crystal bowls through the hour. What a most glorious experience this will be!

Cathy Blair 's email is

The teleconference call will begin @ 5pm EST; 2 pm PDT.

The Dial-in Number is (712) 432-1699
Access Code: 281162#

There is no cost to participate. You may share a love offering of $1.00 or more. Humanity Healing has been working to raise awareness for the International Burmese Monks Association through their website and networking sites and funds for the Relief Effort through Avaaz. The monks are the fastest way to bypass the military junta and get aid directly to the people. So far, over $2,000,000 USD have been raised!

The International Burmese Monks Organization will send money directly to each monastery through their own networks, bypassing regime controls. For those of you moved to contribute, thank you for your compassion, love and light.

Click below if you choose to assist the people of Myanmar:

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