Zaraki Kenpachi Vs Nnoitra Jiruga The AMV

By: Dragorro


Uploaded on January 17, 2009 by Dragorro Powered by YouTube

This is my first Amv being my first (RAISE THE VOLUME). I dont have much editing skills so I focused on my strength putting right song for every moment. Almost 31 hours of work for 3 weeks (mostly looking for music) every song is an episode so its basically 3 Amvs Combined. Enjoy hopefully no copyright infringe lol. Tell me straight up what you think.

Round 1: Song-Face to Face by Sevendust
Round 2: Song-Its goin Down by X Ecutioners
Round 3: Song-We are Godzilla you are Japan by Lost Prophets

DISCLAIMER - I DO NOT OWN BLEACH. BLEACH is owned by Tite Kubo, Studio Pierrot, Viz Media and TV Tokyo. All Rights Reserved. Bleach and all logos, character names and distinctive likenesses thereof are trademarks of Studio Pierrot.

I dont own any of the songs!!!

This is nothing more than a fan made video for entertainment purposes only

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