Ancient Greek Temples (part 1)

By: dionisosb


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The first part introduces the main temples of ancient Greece, in the region of Greece, and some information about these temples.
The next two video will involve ancient Greek temples in Asia Minor (Turkey), Libya, and magna grecia (Italy).
In this video shows the ancient Greek temples: of Hera in Olympia, of Apollo in Corinth, of Zeus in Nemea ,of Apollo on Vasses Peloponnese, of Zeus in Olympia, of Poseidon at Sounion, the Parthenon in Athens, of Olympian Zeus in athens,the Erechtheum in Athens, of Athena Nike in Athens, of Hephaestus in Athens, of Athena Pronaia (tholos) at Delphi, of Apollo at Delphi, and Athena Aphaia in the island of Aegina.
Music song: Odyssey - Movement 1 From Mythodea(Vangelis)

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