My Second Coil Gun

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Completely Portable single stage, 100 joule, bolt action, 6 round mag soon to be dual stage, 200 joule I'...
Completely Portable single stage, 100 joule, bolt action, 6 round mag soon to be dual stage, 200 joule I've had a few ask how I built this gun so rather than answer everyone's questions individually I'll just answer it here. I started with a 12 volt SLA (sealed lead acid) battery that I found online somewhere. That powers a power inverter that you would normally use in a car to get 120 volts ac. That powers a voltage multiplier ( google it to find out what that is if you don't know that's how I found out). And that puts out the 385 to 400 volts to charge the caps. The capacitor bank is made of 3 electrolytic Caps that have a 450 v. capacity rating and I believe are 470uF each. The box in between the barrel and PVC pipe are 2 solid state relays wired in parallel to fire the coil. There is another solid state relay that turns the charging on and off. the Coil is made from 2 strands of 22awg magnet wire( it was what i had next time I think I'll use 1 strand of 18awg). From what I've found so far the size of the coil depends on the size of the bullet and cap bank. Mine is a little bit longer than the bullet and about 1" in diameter. I don't think mine is quiet right but I'm still working on it. There is also 4 hi cap diodes wire anti-parallel to the coil. This protects the caps and charger from the reverse voltage created when power is removed from the coil. So the Gun is basically controlled by 4 switches. The red switch is the main power and the blue switch turns on the charger. The safety switch allows the gun to be fired and the trigger turns on the relays that power the coil while at the same time turn off the charger. The frame is something that i just through together in a day to make sure the gun will actually work. The final version won't even look the same. I want to build this out of plastic. I also am looking for ways to make the charger smaller. So for the future plans: 1. adding a second stage. this might take a while. I need to use a PIC and don't have much experience with them. 2. semi-automatic fire. This will be done with a solenoid that knocks the bullet in to the first coil. 3. select fire. I want to be able to choose between one shot using 2 coils in secession or 2 shot burst using the 2 cap banks to fire the first coil twice. Or using the 2 banks as one big one to power a second coil gun. Kinda like a grenade launcher but instead of a grenade it will fire a bullet that has been hollowed out to fit a flash cap that can be charged to about 250 volts. I also want to swap out the solid state relays for SCR's because they will be a lot smaller. There are other things but I'm going to keep them a secret until I'm sure there going to work the way I want. Any way hope this helps, I'll put up more video as I get more stuff working.