Weekend Box Office Preview: The Debt, Apollo 18, Shark Night 3D

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Watch Apollo 18 Trailer *******youtu.be/7hd3jQDhnLo?hd=1 Watch The Debt Trailer *******youtu.be/j8nIk4...
Watch Apollo 18 Trailer *******youtu.be/7hd3jQDhnLo?hd=1 Watch The Debt Trailer *******youtu.be/j8nIk4LOUpk?hd=1 Watch Shark Night 3D Trailer *******youtu.be/oP4elSxR9LY?hd=1 *******bit.ly/clevvermovies - Click to Subscribe! *******Facebook****/ClevverMovies - Become a Fan! *******Twitter****/ClevverMovies - Follow Us! Hey everyone thanks for checking back with clevver movies I'm Tatiana carrier and I've got the box office prediction for this weekend. Summer is almost officially over and this weekend three new movies hit the scene...but can they take away from the helps shine? Apollo 18 and Shark Night 3D open this weekend and The Debt opened this weds so all three will go head to head in the newby category to see which will reign champ. Apollo 18 is scoring high with men of all ages, meaning it won't have to rely entirely on younger consumers, which as we have learned, is a good thing. Tracking suggests that Apollo 18 could score a four-day gross of $11 million to $14 million which would make Apollo18 the TOP contender who may just beat out the Help...in order to reign champ, Apollo 18 would need to beat 12 million, which is what we are expecting from the help this weekend. The Debt was directed by john madden and is an espionage thriller that stars Hellen Mirron, Sam Worthington and Jessica Chastain. Movie experts guess that the flick could open with a solid 11 million throughout the weekend. WE are thinking The Debt will come in 2nd or 3rd depending on how the help does. Shark Night 3D is about seven college friends from Tulane University who spend a weekend on a Lake -- only to find themselves being attacked by salt-water sharks. The only thing better than shark attacks are shark attacks in 3D! The flick is expected to gross anywhere from 8-10 million in the box office this weekend. The movie stars sara Paxton and directed by David R Ellis. So what will you guys be seeing this weekend? Let us know by commenting below and make sure you subscribe to clevver movies so that you can stay up to date on all things movies!