Me And My Dick Act 1 Part 2

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WARNING! DUE TO MATURE CONTENT, THIS VIDEO IS FOR BIG STARKIDS ONLY! It's time for school and Sally, Joey's best friend and next door neighbor, is waiting outside. She waits to walk with Joey everyday, even though he always makes her late for class, because there's just something about him that makes her feel all funny in her chest, and her tummy... and her little Miss Cooter! "Ready to Go, Pt. 1" - Darren Criss SALLY: Look at me, with my pigtails so tight, Youd think that I might explode right? Look at me, with my arms in a twist, Not alarming I missed the right road MS. COOTER: Its not to late, to turn around And find a better way SALLY: Its not up to fate to lay the groundwork For a better day! MS. COOTER You gotta shake it up, put your hair down darlin You really need to unwind. SALLY: I gotta pick it up cause my life is calling me on the other line. Its time to start over And today is like the first day of the year. So get that chip off your shoulder, Cause its weighing me down and keeping you right here MS. COOTER: I want to get out, see the great big world out there BOTH: Its time to set out, cause I feel-- theres something in the air I might be that be losing my mind, but theres one thing that I know That Im finally ready, Im ready to go! SALLY: Im finally ready, so ready tooo (dialogue) JOEY: Hey dick, does my hair look alright? DICK: Oh, man, buddy, youre a sight to see JOEY: (spoken) K good, (sung) Heres the deal, just try to relax, Cause a mishaps the last thing I need. I wanna rise up to the next level Get off this middle ground. Ive got this yearnin, burnin like the devil. Im here for the rebound Pass the ball, I know Im on fire DICK: Yeah, yeah youre on a roll JOEY: (spoken) I KNOW! DICK: (spoken/sung) What do you want of your kingdom, sire? JOEY: I wanna take control, JOEY & DICK: (Hyo!) JOEY: I need a brand new game plan! No more warming benches like Ive done before. DICK: Getchyo head in the game, man! Heres what Im thinking JOEY: Shit, shes comin out that door JOEY, DICK, CHORUS: Ahhhhhhhhhh JOEY: Say yes, Vanessa yes, I do confess Of my obsession with your design I will not rest, no, not unless I find a way to make you mine (Sigh) Im gonna get her if its the last thing that I do DICK: But just remember that you cant get her JOEY & DICK: without you/me too! So buckle up, all you amateurs Cause today were goin pro Were finally ready, yeah, were ready to go!