Melbourne Shuffle Compilation #1

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Tracklist- Reece- Empire (Ganjaguru cs Didjital) by The Bass Agents Francis- La Di Da (Dance Mix) by Barac...
Tracklist- Reece- Empire (Ganjaguru cs Didjital) by The Bass Agents Francis- La Di Da (Dance Mix) by Baracuda Rocky- 8TH Wonder Of The World (J!XAW REMIX)- Karpe DM, 2- dark oscillators - nasty jungle (brenna heart remix) Kingpoo- Fireflash by Carnifex Maikool- Into Deep (A1 Rocco & Bass-T Remix) By Technoboy Sacco- Wicked Generation by Southstylers Jason- Warriors Of Love By Clubgroovers Danielz- Third Pleasure (Underbuck Remix)- Dave Joy Aaron- Tell Me When By Rocco & Bass-T pres. Canarias Mikkiz- Crazy- Dark By Design & Section 8 Tiny.Z- Sweet Dreams By DJ Shane Jericho-Crockett's Theme by Tunnel Allstars Feat. DJ Yanny William- Into Deep (PulseDriver Remix) By Technoboy Row- Get Wasted (Defqon 1 Anthem 2007) by Brennan Heart & JD X Tae- Ebony Angel (DJ Lee Remix)- Lisaya vs. Petersen Meets DK Deraven This is my shuffling compilation of my fav shufflers our there, srry if ur no in the krew ive marked u as =( might have changeddonno lolz, This Video Includes (In Order) HSJ/Reece TMS/Francis Rocky B2S/Kingpoo TMS/Maikool Sacco Jason TMS/Danielz BP/Aaron Mikkiz Tiny.Z Jericho William HSJ/Row Tae NOTE: The original is like 12 minutes, too long for youtube =.=" so i had to edit some ppl out, might do anotha one some other time xD Lolz was a little bit distracted wen putting this together, was watching a moviez lol (Benchwarmers) Sozz about the bad quality, the size of the vids i put in were for an ipod/PSP lolz still good tho =D except for rocky's first one , that one is just, unmmm well really bad xD Leave a comment and rate, oh and also thr was one that was gnna go up ages ago but that one really sucked, lolz so decided to do one on last day of holidayz =D I Had Lots more but i couldnt be stuffed finding a vid, and was running out of my favourite songs lolz In my previous ones for some reason, some of their vids were a coorupt file or somefing like dat =S ENJOY