Autumn in My Heart: Reason - Piano

By: animexoxo14344


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From: Autumn in my Heart
Song: Reason

Um. I just googled this and I found the music sheet. If you still can't find it, then give me your e-mail and I'll try to send it to you directly (youtube doesn't allow 'attachments' and such..)
Someone asked for this song so here it is. I've known this song for a few months already but I just haven't got the time to video it.
It took me 14 takes to get something close to this song...There's lots and lots of interruptions..
It's either someone's knocking on the door or my phone ringing...
Well. There's some mistakes here and there but I thought it was worth to post it so here it is.
Let me know what you think and thankz for watching..
Enjoy! ^_^

If you guyz could let me know if there's some beautiful piano music out there that maybe I haven't heard of, that would be awesome!! thankz.

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