Smallville's Secret Trailer

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In this fake trailer, Everyone has aspects of their lives that they like to keep to themselves. In Clark Ke...
In this fake trailer, Everyone has aspects of their lives that they like to keep to themselves. In Clark Kent's case though his secret is incredible enough to change the world. For years Clark has been successful at hiding the truth from even the people closest to him. Until an encounter with Lex Luthor in which Lex believes Clark has survived a head on collision from his car at sixty miles an hour. Now questions are being raised and Clark's honesty is being questioned. Even Clark's new fiance, Lana Lang, is beginning to doubt him. As Lex grows an increasingly dangerous obsession for the truth and for Lana, Clark must choose between revealing his secret or losing everything. Everything is about to change. The concept for this trailer was to get out of Clark's head and to show everything from the point of views of those that know Clark. To imagine that the point of the show was to uncover what Clark's secret is. Of course everyone knows the secret but I thought it would be interesting to imagine being on the other side of things. This is the first Smallville trailer I've edited in a while that didn't involve some kind of cross over from another show. I also wanted to try a more serious romantic tone and get away from the more action oriented ones I've been doing. Some may know the middle part of the trailers music from the new Wolverine trailer, which looks amazing by the way. I know it more from the movie Sunshine which is a great film. It's called the Surface Of The Sun by John Murphy. The last bit of the trailer was partially inspired by the trailer for Into The Wild which used the music Acts Of Courage by X-Ray Dog. Disclaimer: I do NOT own Smallville or any of the footage you see in this fan-trailer. All footage is owned by the CW Television Network, and Warner Bros. Warner Bros. and DC comics logos copyright of their respective owners.