Marauder Madness: The Unexpected Kiss

By: Brittany Sousa


Uploaded on May 25, 2012 by Brittany Sousa Powered by YouTube

It's the first night back and Hogwarts is celebrating the return with a party down by the lake. Doe and Mat spent a lot of time together over the summer in France at Megan's house, and they're continuing to hang out more and more as they've been back at school. Megan makes small appearances, like when she spots her best friend eying down the one and only Matt Jarvis, when he's taking a stroll on the grounds with his best friend John Dawlish. Down by the lake, the students are doing everything in their power to make the first night back one of the best nights back, as each of them indulge in a little alcohol. John makes another asinine comment towards Megan and her lack of Charms skill, which ensues the French girl's early departure from the party. John follows her, but she abandon's him in the Forbidden Forest. Back at the lake, Doe and Matt are both worried about their friends, but the more worried Doe becomes about Megan, the more she finds herself drinking, to the point where she's drunk. Matt helps her back to her dorm, planning to end the night as just friends, when he kisses her in a drunken stupor. I owe none of the clips or the music. This video is the follow up to Marauder Madness: Welcome Back. All Characters are apart of this Rp:
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