The Mistress is In, WHITE WIDOW WEED BITCHES! Glittery Goo! [18+]

By: Totalyvaporized


Uploaded on February 06, 2008 by Totalyvaporized Powered by YouTube

This entire video is of White widow strain of weed. Crystals on this bud make BC look like, well BC grade weed. By the way, I don't grow and never will. In fact I haven't even used weed in about 2 months. Oh, yeah and I squeezed it to show how sticky it was. Look for the strands of sticky icky THC goo that stick to my fingers in sections 1:40, and 2:00 of the video. You can actually see the sticky strands of glittery goo in the light as it peals it self off my finger. Watch! :)
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