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5th Annual Dental Dinner Video presentation by Batch 3 BDS Cast and Crew Creative Team : Gerviene (Director/Art/Graphics), Lim Chin Kai (Producer/Editor), Philip Han (Editor/Screen Writer/Art), Tian Shih Lin (Videography and Edits). Cast : The Awesome Batch 3 Dr Reddy Dr Preena Dr Nanditha Dr Karthikeyan Miss Lynn Puan Noraida Dr Sibu Simon Dr Deep Mathen Dr Vineet Dr Kalyan Dr Kishore Dr Daniel Dr Bala Dr Manikandan Dr Senthil Kumar Prof Comfort. The story may be entirely fictional, and any parts that may or may not relate to you may be purely accidental. It is inspired by many a Thai advertisement, Saturday Night Live Gags, random Youtube videos, and potentially true stories blown out of proportion. Any coincidences are purely accidental, be it imaginary, fictonal or psychotic in nature. Producers do not own the copyrights to the above songs and sound effects, any copyright infringement is not intended.
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