Red Vs Blue Final Episode Fan Trailer - Matrix Revolutions

By: Joylock


Uploaded on April 17, 2007 by Joylock Powered by YouTube

Everything that has a beginning has an end, and the end of The Blood Gulch Chronicles is almost upon us!

To mark the occasion, I made this fan trailer of the Matrix Revolutions which replaces Neo and co with the cast of Red vs Blue!

The idea came to me as I noticed certain plot similarities between the Matrix series and RvB, so I went ahead and meshed the 2 together.

Uses clips from all 5 Seasons as well as the Out of Mind miniseries.


Neo - Church
Agent Smith - O'Malley
Trinity - Tex
Morpheus - Tucker
Merovingian - Wyoming
Capn Mifune - Sarge
Bane - Caboose
Niobe - Sister
Deus Ex - Vic

I had lots of fun making it, I hope you like it.

(This is the 2nd version of the movie, I made some minor changes from the 1st version that I was unsatisfied with).

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