The Sims 3 House - Olactra 39 - Chrillsims3

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___READ INFO___ hello i have much to talk about here.. first i had to change my intro and outro song (sorry...
___READ INFO___ hello i have much to talk about here.. first i had to change my intro and outro song (sorry for that) beacuse of Copyright :( also i really need to know what you thinking that i do a commentary on my videos.. will it destroy my videos? tell me in the comments please :) Video and House: i have to say that im not really happy about the house layout :( i took almost 2 days to make that right.. but one of my best gardens.. so the garden made this house ^^ the video itself is very good i think ^^ and is over 7 min long so enjoy that... i give the house 7 of 10 .. is not the best house i ever done but im sure that you will enjoy it :) Chrillsims3 Website: im still building on my website.. actually the website is almost soon finnished it just need text to my pages. i will make a video of it when its done :) Chrillsims3 Neighbourhood many ask me when the neighbourhood will be finnished and here is the answer: i dont even think it would be released this year.. WHY? because a house takes almost 1 - 2 week to do.. so building houses must i do almost all the time to put up on youtube :P so it very hard to get the time to build on my neighbourhood :( AND people have also to understand that building a world is NOT like building houses and it takes a very long time to be finnished. Download: this house is for now just available at the TSR site... i really recommend that you download from TSR because you will get all my custom floors and walls and some other downloads i have (but not sims store stuff) here is the link: TSR site: *******www.thesimsresource****/downloads/details/category/sims3-lots-residential/title/olactra-39/id/1002773/ Exchange: (the link will be here when i have uploaded it to exchange) _____________ do you want more news and updates from chrillsims3.. be friend with me on facebook *******www.facebook****/?ref=home#!/profile.php?id=100000203171535 more videos will be uploaded soon :)