Tech-9, KG-9 Machine Gun



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Just to let you guys Know, The Tech-9 Is really the most worthless gun design, they Jam and can crack at the back of the plastic receiver, Look for my M11 Videos, The Cobray M11 for what it is: The M11 is a way better Gun Design for the cheaply Gun category! I have been around Machine Guns for a long time, And they never fail, They are easy to get parts still, and never had one fail. I have my M11 380 in my other video that I will be posting today. Remember The Federal Government will have us Regester all our FIrearms in the near future, do not do this, they are going to eventually take them away, They have done it in Australia Canada and England and other countries, there is nothing good about what they are doing, They are going to force the Australian people to have a computer chip put in their hands so they can buy and sell and track them....Can I say the Book of Revelations!!!! learn from history people, they want to control people by doing this! DO NOT GIVE UP YOUR GUNS NO MATTER WHAT, WE HAVE A RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! WE HAVE A RIGHT TO DEFEND OURSELVES AGAINST A TYRANNICAL GOVERNMENT, The Second amendment was not put in for Hunting it was to protect ourselves, don't listen to the Media, it lies to us! Get your News online! Remember Jesus Christ is our Lord and savior! Please Click on my Name "PLUMCRAZYFIREARMS" and view some of my other Full auto Machine guns! Here is a Inter-dynamics Tech-9 Machine gun, The gun is a Legal Registered NFA weapon! It has 1x50 round Magazine, and 2x 32 round Magazines plus Front Pistol Grip! I shot a Quick Mag dump to show how fast this weapon is! This weapon is for sale! The Gun is Mint and is a Factory Built Machine gun, My paperwork States this!

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