Pterophyllum Altum Eating Blackworm

By: trojannemo


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Short video of our P. altum eating a very long blackworm. He doesnt like eating those because they are so much work, but I find it all very amusing!

The fish is wild caught, coming from Colombia but most likely caught in Venezuelan waters.
We got him thanks to Luis from Fl Guppies Plus for a very good deal.

We are keeping him in quarantine in a bare-bottom 10g tank with a 20g cycled filter, oversized heater to keep the temperature steady at 84F, some silk plants for cover, and we add some discus buffer to soften and buffer the water to around 7.0 pH (how we got him).

At this point he only eats live black worms. We hope to introduce him to pellets and flake food within the next couple of months. Once he is able to eat anything we offer, then we can deworm and feed antibiotics.

Only after that we will introduce him to our planted rainbowfish and angelfish tank.

Hope you like the video...please ignore my voice over...i usually edit myself out but i'm too lazy today....sorry!

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