Classic Game Room Reviews GRAND THEFT AUTO 2 for Playstation

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This isn't a new GTA review for the PS3 or Xbox 360... this is 1999! Classic Game Room season 1 - December 8, 1999.

Back in the day before Game Room had a green screen, lighting or a real microphone they reviewed GTA2 for the PS1. Too bad they didn't get to review GTA Vice City, San Andreas, GTA3 or... but maybe, just maybe someday they will.

This was their 2nd episodic review and the GTA series is now one of the most profitable of all time. You play a thug, gangsta low life criminal and damn it's fun!!

Classic Game Room was the first classic video game review show on the Internet in 1999 and 2000. They reviewed Atari games, Sega Genesis, NES, N64, Nintendo, Jaguar and PSX (ps1) games. The story of the show is on DVD and available at

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