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We have decided to try something new on TechWorld called software 101 Showing the New/Cool Software floating around on The Web Anything from Security to Desktop Widgets! Want us to show some software you found? Email us at with you idea's

This is TornadoChas3r Showing You Some Desktop 3d Apps for Windows and mcAfee Site adviser All the links will be below Sorry my talking tends to slur with these braces So Try to follow along as best you Can And this is also my fist video.

First Software is Called Yodm3d is a 3d Cube app For Windows allowing you to have 4 desktops cool visual effects and more I briefly show it in action on the Video.

Download at:

0 or


Second Software is Called Madotate Its another 3d Desktop App Allowing you to Mess around with you Open Windows


Third App is called ShockDesktop 3D
You will need a good graphics card to run this. Fun little app lets u turn your desktop into a Virtual one allowing you to throw your icons and more you can even launch you programs Like a Real Desktop.

Download at

Security Software pick:

McAfee Site adviser

Ever wounder if that site you are going to is legit or spam and virus free or even just want to see what people thing about that particular site.
Its a very handy tool to have and Best Yet ITS FREE! It integrates easy with IE Firefox and other browsers And if you want to buy The professional version you can get it for email links and IM!


Thanks For Watching Hope you Enjoy it and got a chance to check out this cool software We Would love to Hear Feed back on My Tut and If we should continue this New segment Called Software 101

If you have any question please Email

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