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Making alternative body products in my home is something that I've tried to remain committed to for the last couple of years.

Although toxins are everywhere...in the water, the soil, the food, the air, and just about all the household products and furniture we have in our homes, I believe it's still important for each of us to do whatever we can do reduce the amount of toxicity that circulates throughout our bodies.

Unfortunately, even in most health food stores chemicals abound due to the solvents that are used during the processing of the foods and products.

Most of the recipes used in this video are recommended by Hulda Regehr Clark in her book "The Cure for All Disease". She has a listing in the back of her book with reliable "chemical-free" companies that you can purchase everything from herbs, to household products, etc.

At the end of the day, I'd have to agree with her recommendations of living with as little as possible...because with everything we bring into our homes, we bring along the chemicals they carry as well.

Shalom Family!

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