Sudanese Music: Duop (South Sudan) - Juba

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In this Sudanese song Duop, a Southern Sudanese musician, celebrates the peace in Sudan.

This region has been negatively affected by the First and Second Sudanese Civil Wars for all but 10 years since Sudanese independence in 1956, resulting in serious neglect, lack of infrastructure development, and major destruction and displacement.

The people of Southern Sudan suffered immensely during the war. Out of a population of 15 million people, 2 million were killed and 4 million became internationally displaced persons, either as refugees or worse, being taken as slaves by the Arabs from the Northern part of Sudan.

In 2005, the two adversaries signed a comprehensive peace agreement, bringing an end to the longest running civil war in modern history.

This tenuous peace, poverty and underdevelopment is part of daily life in Juba. This video captures some slices of that, but above all, the indomitable spirit of the people of Southern Sudan, re-building their country, their people and their lives.

The following links provide some points of departure to organizations and individuals who wants to explore Southern Sudan: - The official website of the Southern Sudanese Government - the official site of the Sudan Peoples' Liberation Movement/Army - An independent daily

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