Sting 2000 Part1 - Merciless-Bounty Killa - Beenie Man-Ninjaman

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Millenium Clash Part 1!! Rest will follow!!

Merciless vs. Ninja Man vs. Beenie Man vs. Bounty Killer!!
Sting puts together the first dj clash in years at Jamworld in Portmore featuring the original Don Gorgon Ninjaman aka War God and his opponent Merciless who recently changed his name to Warhead. Two hungry dj's, the first one with a bad reputation of murdering dj's on stage (remember Shabba's death?), the other one fights for his life to relaunch his career the proper way. If that wasn't enough it's the War Lord Bounty Killer and Beenie Man who made their way to the stage. The situation went outta hand when all four dj's went lyric for lyric. In the end Merciless rose to the top, killing the remaining three.

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