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Due to the key board warriors I will now vet the comments......... It is fake you dip shits. link to info on Tom Weber who made this movie.

MILpictures is a team led by the multi-internationally awarded photographer and former sharpshooter Tom Weber. He has set for itself the goal to not only produce theme-specific photos and videos of military and police special forces, but to do so in never before seen artistic and technical quality.

MILpictures produces fine art photography with real Special Operations Forces units and combines these with pictures taken of models/actors. Many of the extremely complex battle scene reproductions are captured using a high-resolution, large-format camera equipment, so that every detail of the end-product stands out. Consequently, such images could never be found in those taken of real combat actions. To protect the identity of the elite soldiers still on active duty, faces may be digitally re-mastered or actors built into the actual scenes.

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