Classic Game Room HD - SUPER MARIO BROS. for NES Review

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Classic Game Room HD reviews SUPER MARIO BROS. for NES Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985, the game that changed the world! (even more than Cosmic Carnage) The iconic Super Mario Brothers is the video game which helped to life the video game industry out of the funk in the mid 1980's. It blew away the minds of countless kids in the 80's who immediately wanted a Nintendo to replace their aging Atari 2600 (boo!). The game was so remarkably well made and different from the vast majority of other home console adventure games back in the day. Awesome music, Japanese style and puffy clouds, mushrooms and flying turtles. Super Mario Brothers was the must play game in its day. This CGR review of Super Mario Bros. on NES has gameplay from Super Mario Brothers showing one and two player game play from Nintendo's amazing 2D sidescrolling adventure. Super Mario Bros. is available today on Nintendo Wii Virtual Console and other Nintendo platforms.

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