Boyfriend - Justin Bieber (Cover)

By: chestersee


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Go to Andy's channel because he made this track in a few hours and the songs that he's not rushed to put together by his stupid friend with a Tuesday agenda are EPIC!
I'd say subscribe to him but after you hear his music I'm sure you will.

I literally got that text from Andy last night and we managed to learn the song, record the song, produce the song and film this video in a matter of hours. SOOOooooo take that father time! Love, Chester

Piano/vocal by me
Guitar/vocal and production by Andy Lange
Shot by us
edited by me
watched by you


Oh. I know when it comes to Justin Bieber people go crazy with the Hate for no real reason. Let it be known I'm not a fan or a hater. This song was pretty cool! I always think it's silly when people hate on others. Such a waste of time and energy destroying. My advice, Create.

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