The Sims 3 House Building - Aurvana 89

By: Chrillsims3


Uploaded on March 29, 2010 by Chrillsims3 Powered by YouTube

this is one of my best houses ever and also is the video the best i think :)

i know! i said i whould do my biggest epic house ever now but i changed :) so i will make my big house in my upcoming neighborhood that i think whould be released summer 2010 :)

and yes i know that i try many styles of building right now, but i just try to find myself :D and i want also want to know what you think about this style of building, i personally like this a lot it more esier, faster and better :)

it´s actually not a video i used for the building process in this house it´s actually photos, over 2500 pic took it for the building process puh! :)

here is the download link:

looking forward to my next house :D

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