The Leader In The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk - 3

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Jet Li returns again as Fong Sai Yuk in this sequel to the first film of the same name. This time, Sai Yuk is a full member of the Red Flower society. However, he's having trouble accepting their strict rules ("The Ten Commandments"), and he's made an enemy of Mr. Ma, the cruel son of the former leader. Sai Yuk tries to prove himself by volunteering for a mission to intercept a group of Japanese Samurai who are carrying a box with secret information vital to the cheif of the Red Flower society (Adam Cheng). He fails the mission, but wins the heart of the governor's daughter. When Mr. Ma mocks him, Sai Yuk rashly promises to woo the daughter and regain the box. However, he's already married to Ting Ting (Michelle Reis), and if he can't do it in three days he has to allow himself to be crippled for life. This eventually leads to a showdown with the villanous Mr. Ma atop a rickety mountain of furniture, with the life of Sai Yuk's fiesty mom (Josephine Siao) hanging in the balance.
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