Manna Fest 406 The Mystery of Fallen Angels Giants and Evil Spirits Part 2 (2 of 3)

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Perry Stone talks in His Studio. He tells us what was once believed until the 4th century. He tells us that...
Perry Stone talks in His Studio. He tells us what was once believed until the 4th century. He tells us that angel's took on the form of flesh. They went into the daughters of men and made a race of Giants. Giants would corrupt man kind. There is strong evidence that when the giants die they become demons. There is no where in the bible that tells where evil spirits originate. The giants have no resurrection. Spirits of Giants are the demons now that men encounter on the earth. Perry shows us examples of Goliaths shoe, spear, and shield. • Goliath 11 to 13 feet tall • Armor on Chest -- 195 Pounds • Spear Head -- 24 Pounds 1 Samuel 17:6 -- Shield bearer that went in front of Goliath. 1 Samuel 17:40-51 -- David took 5 smooth stones from a brook -- Used a sling shot -- The shield didn't help Goliath -- The coat of metal didn't help him -- Got Goliath in the four head Genesis 6:4 -- There were Giants on the earth Is there physical evidence of Giants? Biblical Archeology Review May/June 2000 Vol. 23 Numbers 3 -- 1930s in Syria -- Foot Prints of a Giant in the temple -- 3 Feet Long Deuteronomy 3:11 -- Og -- King of Bashan -- Bed -- 18 feet long -- Would have been the average size of Foot Print Sounds like Mythology -- no -- Perry believes that mythology is a corruption of the truth. He believes that the Greeks made up stories connected with them -- Satan tries to corrupted everything that was original and everything that is true Golan Heights -- Bashan in bible Numbers 21:33-34 -- Moses and children of Israel camped out in Bashan -- Sent Spies to spy out the promise land Two Unusual Things in the Area of Bashan -- Evidence of Giants 1. Large Circle Stones -- Also in Stone Hinge England -- Ireland -- South America -- Can see Mount Herman in Northern Israel -- Second Group of Fallen Angels Came Down -- To teach men righteousness -- Fell into sin again - Came in Israel -- The fell when they got here 2. Dolmens -- Large Stone Table -- Over 3000 in Bashan Area -- Evidence of Race of Giants Genesis 6:4 -- Giants in the earth before and after the flood Exodus Chapters 19-34 -- Moses got the word of God on Mount Cyanide - There was no word of God until Moses got the word from God Genesis 6:2 -- Angels became enamored by the daughters of Men Deuteronomy 3:11 -- Giant -- Og -- Bed -- 9 Cubits Long -- 4 Cubits Wide -- 13 to 18 feet long History indicates and scientists agree that all the platelets were together at one time -- Pangaea Genesis 10:25 -- Peleg -- In his day the Nations were divided