Dragon Quest VIII: Dragovian Trials, Hero Only (Part 1 of 2)

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The hero undertakes the final Dragovian Trial (eight bosses in a row) without assistance from fellow party members or monster teams. Can he prove himself to be the single strongest being in the game? His stats were:HP - 820MP - 492Strength - 920Agility - 300(350)Resilience - 600Wisdom - 380Attack - 999Defence - 825It took me about three months of gathering stat-boosting seeds to reach these stats--without cheats (I used a turbo controller). As seen at the end of Part 2, many, many battles were fought, and even more monsters had to die.Also, the equipment used was:Über Falcon BladeDragon SlayerDragovian ArmorMetal King ShieldDragovian HelmMeteorite BracerRune StaffSeed farming info:Seed of StrengthMimics and Red Fangs on the island in the southwest corner of the mapSeed of Defense, Seed of AgilityMetal Slimes in the grove of trees just west of the Royal Hunting GroundsSeed of SkillSolaris, Great Troll, Crocodog in the Heavenly DaisPart 2 at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

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