Super Mario 64 Classic NES Edition (Updated)

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1/11/09 - holy crap 1,000,000+ views, thanks for everyone that has taken interest on this,because of that, ...
1/11/09 - holy crap 1,000,000+ views, thanks for everyone that has taken interest on this,because of that, i've decided to pick this project back up in the next couple months, keep an eye out for it =3 10/13/07- i cant believe people are still watching this video, if you didn't know already i updated the pack so heres a link to the video of it with download links of the pack =P ***********/watch?v=QsQWvXgK8QM NOTE: u cant tell from the video quality, but the bomb-oms are pixleated now *******gonintendo****/?p=15852 kay is update is as of a couple days ago but i just got up to puting a video update now. keep in mind Cloudscapes and RiSiO's (emutalk****)textures STILL show. for example the ceeling inside the castle wasnt done by us, the background in the snow level wasnt done by us.. but we are working on that, BUT keep in mind the still get full credit on dumping the textures we originally edited and the textures that still appear.. now then..the window in front of the castle is now is marios eyes..i think we're gonna make them more square-ish but fornow this is what it looks like..bomb-oms have also been fixed to be more pixleated. i think we're gonna release a beta of the texture pack in the coming week so keep checking back for a download link coming up sometime. enjoy the update.. i wasnt trying to show of any skills (obviously) just trying to show some of the fixes we've done. Old discription: basically im gonna start out by saying im new at making texture packs, but i put this together as my first attempt... im using sprite from he original Mario bros 1. im planning on using mario 2 and 3 sprites. keep in mind this was put together in one night and is incomplete right now..and not everything is to my linking its a WIP ------ Edit: my friend dug is helping me no with this so were both gonna be doing the editing on it. oh and for some reason the bottom half of peach infront of the castle messed up x.x ------ Edit2: oh in this video we've been using the texture packs of, Cloudscapes and RiSiO (emutalk****) so u may see things they have done..ut we are editing them to be completly different (we couldnt dump out own textures so we had to resort to using theirs..but they do deserve credit for doing so and also because some of their edits still show, thank you guys)and thank you Nintendo for making such an awesome game EDIT 3: ALMOST FORGOT, the NES mario code is from Crashdance22, he gets the credit for the code