Edwin McCain - Walk With You

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EDWIN MCCAIN RELEASES NEW SINGLE Walk With You, Produced by Don Was Appears on Forthcoming Career Retrospe...
EDWIN MCCAIN RELEASES NEW SINGLE Walk With You, Produced by Don Was Appears on Forthcoming Career Retrospective Album Due Early 2009 (Fairfax, VA) October 16, 2009 --- Edwin McCains warm and winsome songs have built an enduring and enviable career, filled with chart-topping hits and crowds in every town that keep him on the road over 200 days each year. A rare artist whose songs are as popular today as the day they were released, McCain returns with a new powerful single that is poised to take its place alongside his romantic touchstones Ill Be and I Could Not Ask For More. Walk With You, a poignant song about a father and his daughter, has just been released to iTunes and will be featured on McCains upcoming career retrospective album, due in the first quarter of 2009 on Saguaro Road Records. McCains extraordinary talent for writing songs that people of all walks of life deeply identify with has turned his songs into timeless standards and, much to his surprise, wedding favorites. Ill Be was named Dr. Phils #1 wedding song by an audience vote of over 1 million and continues to receive gold level airplay on radio stations. I Could Not Ask For More follows closely behind, making McCain revered by new couples and wedding planners across the country. Walk With You is well on its way to becoming an instant classic. McCain co-wrote the song with singer/songwriter Maia Sharp. The two have collaborated on songs for each others albums and most recently on McCains "Hold Out a Hand," which donated all profits to people affected by the hurricanes of 2005. When Maia and I decided to write together again, recalls Edwin, I said lets just start out with this song for a friends daughter whos getting married, do a little song not for public consumption, just a nice song he can have for his daughter and a itll be a good warm up for us to start writing the real stuff. But Walk With You quickly took on a life of its own. We had one of those wow moments, he continues, and it sort of grew from that. By the end of the recording session, even the engineer in the studio was tearing up and you cant get a more jaded guy that the engineer who hears every single song out there. But the real test was putting it before an audience. Performing it at the wedding wasnt a really fair gauge, McCain admits. So I started putting it into my touring set list, and was floored when the crowds erupted mid-song. That just doesnt happen with new songs. Edwin also played Walk With You on the nationally syndicated Bob & Tom radio show a few weeks ago. The phone lines immediately lit up, other radio stations from around the country called his record label for a copy, and the Internet buzzed excitedly. Saguaro Road Records rushed to release the single to the public months before originally planned, and will officially begin working it to radio stations just prior to the upcoming albums release date.