GH - Lulu And Dante Make Love! - Part Two of Two - May 5th, 2010

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General Hospital
Lulu and Dante Make Love!
Part Two of Two
May 5th, 2010

Here it is folks, the scene you Lante fans have been waiting for since they got together. Lulu and Dante make you feel their love, by making love!

(Side Note: Hey everyone! i know its been a while since i've posted. After dealing with a few personal things, i had to get my priorities straight and this channel wasn't one of them at the time and having to play catch up with this channel, and my other GH channels was too difficult. I did however catch up to my Quartermaine, LnL2 and Cassadine channels because their scenes the past couple of weeks were all under 4 minutes, due to some air hogs and lack of balance.

Having said this, unfortunatly i will no longer be posting videos daily on this account. I'll post special scenes, like this one obviously, but i just can't put up with this show anymore. GH has become WAY too 'mob filled', the very thought of having to sit through the past couple weeks of this show killed me and made me realize i no longer enjoy posting videos anymore.

Maybe if the writers get their act together and get back to "General Hospital" instead of "The Corinthos Family Show" i'll start posting again, but until then i can't do it. I'm sorry for all of those who relied on my page for daily clips but there are plenty of people on here who do the same thing and i hope you track them down and subscribe. I still will be posting the very rare 'quartermaine scenes' and 'cassadine scenes' and 'lnl2 scenes' on my other accounts, but i'm letting this one go, again apart from some special scenes here and there, and any songs i manage to track down. I apologize once again, and i hope you all understand my decision, i was a big fan of GH but they're phasing out not just some of the things i loved, but 90% of what i loved about the show, and i HATE what its become.)

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