Koi Live Wallpaper by Kittehface (reviewed on Android Tablet & Smartphone)

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Uploaded on July 19, 2011 by SmartKeitai Powered by YouTube

Download: http://www.smartkeitai.com/koi-android-live-wallpaper-released-by-kittehface-video/ In this video, we review Kittehface software's latest animated wallpaper for Android, called Koi Live Wallpaper. We've tried many koi or fish themed live wallpapers in the past, and this seems to be the best. It has impressive water animations & mechanics, raindrop effect, an assortment of customizable fish (color, size, amount), and you can even select from 10 different backgrounds. There's a free version and paid 99 cent version in the Android Market. The latter gives you access to all the customizing options, while the former has a basic configurable setup.

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