Jerkin in JOLLIBEE!! (Vlado Footwear)

By: SoulikeVice


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NO REALLY Surprise - ending!!!! SiQ$ENSE is back with their NEW VID filmed in CARSON, CA (Jollibee,Seafood City,Kings Hawaiian)... Thank you for the Sponsorship by VLADO FOOTWEAR (national jerkin' association)/NJA - so we rep's hard- wearing the official JERK SHOE - the VLADO "Spectro" (that is all ViCE wears now) - "i love it, it's a shoe made for the LUXURY of JERKIN" -Vice 45

GET the song in the VID (UCLA JERK KINGS : "addicted to jerkin") for FREE @:

shouts to: JSMOOTH of 570 records!! (rapper/co-writer that intro'd me to VLADO), CML MUSIC, all my Filipino JERKS!!!, Siq$ense, my Daddy (virgil g. ednilao), white mike (loded), UCLA JERK KINGS!!

twitter: vice45

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